Marjorie's work may be purchased directly from:
Andrea Campbell
(Marjorie's niece)
4131 SE Nehalem St.
Portland, OR 97202
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Marjorie McDonald at Matthew's Art Auction

Chance to Flourish: Private, Public and Wild Gardens - Art About Agriculture 2010 - Giustina Art Gallery, Corvallis, OR - March 1-30, 2010

Nimble Arrangements for the world of thought - Oregon State University - January 11-March 19, 2010

Happy Hours - Bryan Potter Design Studio - September 11-October 30, 2009

Art About Agriculture Tour 2008

"The Family Farm, 1988. Collage. Marjorie McDonald was awarded a 1988 Art About Agriculture Purchase Award sponsored by the Lamb Foundation."

Art Out of the Blue
Reed College Magazine, Winter 2007

Art About Agriculture: A Retrospective - A Bountiful Place, 2006

"Marjorie McDonald's oil and tissue collage, The Family Farm, shows a man and woman raking the barnyard, with two children nearby feeding a small flock of free-range chickens. Other animals are at pasture behind a fence that skirts the path to the family dwelling high on the horizon line in the background. McDonald achieves a sophisticated style by her use of collage materials that combine both primitive and impressionistic characteristics. The Family Farm and An Apprehensive Bird, depicting the scene just before the family's prize turkey receives its first indication of its imminent preparations for becoming a family feast, are recognizable tales we know about farm life."

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Never Too Old
Southwest Art, February 1994

A Gallery of Collage Art

Marjorie McDonald: Rice Paper Collage Artist, by Edna Kovacs, Calyx, Winter 1991/92

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